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Screen Printing Vector Artwork

Vector file extensions: .EPS .PDF or .Ai


Most suited for screen and pad printing in pantone spot colours.Vector-based files

are necessary for screen or pad printing logos, designs or illustrations that require

precise measurements.They generally contain well-defined elements such as curves

and shapes of various colours. They are also easily scalable due to their mathematical

nature and their colours can be edited easily. Vector graphics are often inherently

smaller in file size and are often universally editable and printable.

Not suitable for Screen Printing Bitmap Artwork

Bitmap file extensions: JPG .GIF .TIF .PSD or .BMP


Bitmap files are most suitable for full colour printing of photo-realistic images that

require complex colour variations and are generally unusable for screen printing

processes. They are not easily scalable due to being mapped to a non-flexible

grid of pixels. If a bitmap-based image were to be enlarged, it would lose its

sharpness and edges within the image and would appear jagged. Bitmap files

are often heavily compressed to reduce their file size, over-compressed files are

unlikely to reproduce clearly.

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